The Rules

As a member of My slave ring, there are certain rules you will adhere to. It is imperative that as a slave, you learn your correct place. Respecting My rules is of utmost importance at all times. By disobeying the rules of the slave ring, I will, at My discretion, depending upon the severity of the disobedience delete your account. Ensure you abide by the following rules:


heelsuckingbitchWhen addressing Me (Goddess) during private messages, activity stream updates, live chat and on social media, you will always obey the following etiquette rules:

I am your Superior. For example Me and you, Goddess and slave. Did you notice the use of capitalisation when referring to your Superior? Did you also notice the use of lower case when referring to yourself? Excellent! you are catching on.

So the golden rule - you will always use lowercase when referring to yourself and will always use capitalisation when referring to Me or using the word Goddess.

you will never use the words babe, sexy, hottie etc. when addressing Me. you will always refer to Me as Goddess.


hypnosub-roadtofinancialruinAs a member of My Empire, your loyalty is of utmost importance. It is imperative that you remain loyal to Me only - your one true Goddess.

Following other dommes on social media is not strictly forbidden, but serving another Domme is disrespectful and the ultimate sacrilege.

If you are serious about your enslavement and dedication towards serving Me, you will remove all distractions. you will no longer follow and favourite other Femdoms. you will no longer buy other Femdom content. Infact today is a great day for you to spring clean your pc, laptop and phone of any distractions - other than Myself. I want you 100% focused on your servitude to Me.


milkedbyshinystockingsAs a member of My slave ring, you will never lie to Me.

If you have completed your training at my you will know full well how important honesty is. Refer back to your lessons in honesty to refresh your memory.

Remember - you will NEVER lie to your Goddess.


goddess-saffron-financial-dommeDisrespecting Goddess is not an option. Any form of communications using CAPITALS LIKE THIS which is indicative of SHOUTING, bad language, sarcasm, arrogance and any other form of disrespect towards Me will not be tolerated.

This also applies to disrespectful behaviour between slaves. All slaves are My property and disrespecting My property is on par with disrespecting Me. I am the only one in a position to reprimand, punish and verbally abuse slaves.

Always respect Goddess and support your fellow submissives. Remember that you are all cogs in My one big machine - working in sync will keep My empire growing. Competition between slaves is a healthy motivator, but aggression will not be tolerated.


powerofmyheel Your utmost priority within the slave ring is to please Me frequently. Any act of servitude that pleases Goddess is your primary focus.

If you have completed My slave training courses at my you will refer back to your lessons in Humility to refresh your memory on this very important rule. Yes, badges, awards and points are good treats for deserving slaves, but they should not be your main selfish focus. Use these treats as sideline incentives providing a visual reference for where you need to improve.

Your priority is serving in a selfless way.


slave ringServing is about consistency and longevity, not one-off servitude never to be seen again, or sporadic appearances once every few months. I am well aware that at times home, work and personal commitments may interfere with your frequency of servitude, but I expect you to log in and earn at least one of the following achievements each week: a clip buying badge a tribute badge This does not necessarily mean spending beyond your means, or being unable to cope with the financial demand. A $10 tribute is a minimal offering. Although these small achievments hardly get my attention, they will keep you afloat and reduce your risk of deletion. However, big tributes, substantial gifts and outstanding performance will always get My attention and go towards your ultimate goal of removing your male ego.


hypnosub-glovesmantrap4I know you love My attention, but so do many other weak males in your position. So when sending Me submissions, wait patiently for My approval. Certain submissions such as tribute badges, clip buying badges and contest wins are manually approved by Me, so will only take place when I next log into the slave ring. Some achievements are automatic such as slave school badges, numbered slave badge, rewards and missions.


youwillneverhavethisWhen I, Goddess commands you to do something, you will do it. No hesitation, no questions (unless it is a question to help you carry out some form of servitude). I am your Superior. you are a lowly weak male. you will always obey Goddess. If you have completed your slave training at you will refer back to your lessons in obedience.


findom-goddesssaffron2I have better things to do with My time than read lengthy private messages from slaves. Private messages will only be read when sent via the unlocked the Ask Goddess Privilege.  

As Goddess and Supreme Ruler of the Slave Ring I may change or add to these rules at anytime without prior notice.
Slaves are responsible for remaining up to date with the rules at all times.

Goddess Saffron