Devotion Levels

Once you have reached zero male ego, you will progress to Devotion Levels.  Devotion levels are calculated in a similar way to male ego, but this time you will be increasing in devotion with every act of servitude.  Consider the Devotion levels as slowly replacing your male ego.


Why increase devotion level

Once you have reached your initial goal of reducing your male ego – your next goal is to become completely Devoted by reaching Devotion Level 10.  As with recuding male ego, you will not only become a super efficient slave; but you will be able to unlock more and more restricted slave privileges.

How to increase devotion level

With every act of servitude you will earn an achievement within the Slave Ring. With every achievement you will earn points. The more points you earn, the higher your devotion level will become – until finally you reach the ultimate goal of devotion level 10.

Soon after you have deleted your male ego, you will see the following gauge on your dashboard like this:-


Your goal is to achieve this:


How Devotion Levels are Calculated

Below shows the points needed to reach each devotion level.

Devotion Levels

Points Needed