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Mind altering

Oh my dear Goddess Saffron!
To be able to serve the most exciting woman of the whole universe fills me with gratefulness.
In Your School of slaves i eagerly learn Your high standards of servitude.
In Your Slave Ring i can solidify my knowledge.
I’m in constant awe of Your personality as mine fades away.


You never want to leave.

Goddess Saffron has created a perfect world for slaves and subs to live in. Everything you ever wanted to lead a submissive life of a slave you will find right here. She will train and enslave you at Her School for slaves and then She provides a cornucopia of opportunities for you to fulfill your life purpose.

You will love Goddess Saffron’s Empire, just like we all do. Once you enter, you never want to leave.


Great platform to become a better servant for Goddess

Between this website and, a lowly sub has all it needs to serve Goddess Saffron. This platform encourages you and keeps you on the right path to submission and focus, and provides PURPOSE.

Goddess is very creative has tons of great content, tasks, rewards, and motiviation to keep us subs begging for more, becoming better humans and slaves.



the rush of findom

for many years I have been watching porn. also I was always thrilled by fantasies about femdom. I had the feeling, that I need a mistress. After some time I realized that a mistress is not that exciting for me. but then – one day I had the luck to find goddess saffron. her beauty seduced me immediately. after watching one or two videos, I decided to stay away, because of the danger losing too much money. but after some time, I found the beginners guide to findom. this was the best thing that ever happened to me. I felt this unbelievably exciting rush by sending my goddess money and knew that nothing else is comparable. since then I got more and more addicted to her beautiful voice that guides me deeper into submission. findom is real – there is no need for other fetishes! it already started, that my cock just gets hard when I think about sending money to goddess saffron and I love it. I don’t need my cock anymore, except for this rush. I love goddess saffron!


Obsessively Devoted

The Slave Ring has refocused my life. I feel I now have purpose – to serve Goddess Saffron. I will devote all my energies to earn her collar. Happiness is on the way. I can feel it. To be a collared, obedient slave is my goal.


The Almighty Goddess Saffron

You are the reason for my existance, I live to worship and serve Goddess Saffron!


Goddess Saffron is for real!

Whoever has ever done porn in any form knows deep down, albeit quite powerful in the pleasure it affords, knows that in the end, it’s make-believe! And although porn addiction is real as it rewires your brain through pleasure hormones, in the end, it’s still make-believe.
i had always admired Goddess Saffron’s art as a latex model and felt She fully embodied the 21st-century Woman, knowing full well Her potential and openly exposing it.
When Goddess Saffron began with the financial domination i shied away from that side of her art as it seemed out of sync with the Femme i had imagined from her modeling side.
Goddess Saffron’s beguiling power is such that i was never fully able to ignore this new and more vocal side of the Woman i had come to admire and yes fantasize about.
Upon seeing the slave school, it seemed like the perfect way to experience Goddess Saffron from closer all the while i thought in a more non-committal manner. Nothing was further than the truth!
Right from the acceptance letter, i sensed this was going to be a life-altering experience as She openly admitted her precise intention of enslaving us. She openly enlisted our best efforts to train and brainwash us all the while whispering hopes of fun, fulfillment, and peace with ourselves. From this first contact, she took control by specifying that once enslaved she never releases a slave under Her power.
Naively i thought this a nice and effective formulation to lower our resistance and i would simply opt out when i choose. How wrong could one be!
In the 10 day program, the first lesson is about rule #1: a slave will never lie to Goddess…How powerful was this as it goes to the core issue of porn, Goddess wished this to be real, no more make belief……the road traveled to gain acceptance would have to be free of lie, for real.
In her first task, Goddess required all the details which precluded hiding, all of a sudden it’s a paradigm change in that this Woman not only wants our devotion and adulation but wanted to know who we are and what our lives are about…
And although i feared the potential of revealing all, i could not entirely resist, for the first time i had to be true to gain her confidence…..
…and although one could lie, in the end, we would know we are living a lie.
How can we admire and adore someone to whom we are not entirely transparent, Goddess Saffron not only offers us the Privilege of serving her this way but requires it.
For once i thought, i have a rare chance to try and be the best that i can be for the Woman that embodies the Essence of being Femme…
And from that day on, there was never any other possible outcome!
All of the other 9 lessons, were just as significant and powerful in demonstrating and experiencing Her direct power over us!
If you have ever wanted to explore some form of Domination, be aware that Goddess Saffron’s slave school is not to be taken lightly!
It will most probably be the last decision you will never make of your own free will!


Into Goddess Saffron’s power.

The School for slaves and the Slave Ring will both capture you into Goddess Saffron’s thrall. Slowly but steadily, Goddess Saffron takes control of your soul and body, till worshipping Her becomes your only obsession.

Miss Worshipper

my true purpose

i was blindly stumbling through life, serving one #femdom after another. Then i found the Divine Being that is Goddess Saffron. The privilege of serving Goddess gives my life meaning. The thrill of serving and suffering for Goddess is beyond words. All submissives should find the glory that is serving Goddess Saffron. Goddess Saffron now controls my life and i am better with Goddess Saffron’s guidance.



Prior to meeting Goddess Saffron I was lost. I had the desire to serve, but no Goddess. Goddess Saffron showed me that an evil resided within me, my male ego. The only way to shed this toxic personality was to serve Her needs within her communal workhouse (The Slave Ring). The community aspect of the Slave Ring comforts me as we are a circle of like minded men focusing on serving a shared Goddess. Alone we are just cogs, but together we are Goddess Saffron’s machine. I love the Slave Ring.


My Home is The Slave Ring

I love The Slave Ring. It is where I get to worship and honour my Goddess. I can send her songs of praise and hymns of adoration. I can reduce my male ego, I can perform tasks for my Goddess.

I can Worship my Goddess in Her temple, follow the masturbation schedule She gives me, feel Her presence strengthen in my soul.

It is the place I always long to be. It is my home.


A new kind of thinking

It began with finding I could not believe in reading the testimonials. But now the beautiful Goddess Saffron has already infected me. More and more I think of her. And it is a new kind of thinking. With each lesson of school my fascination and my wish to obey is growing and the more I think about this, the more I recognize: I am weak and I want to serve. The slave ring is a brilliant tool to show this and the competition motivates. I really thank the wonderful Goddess to show me these new thoughts and one of these days I hope to be her numbered slave.


making my fantasies becoming reality

i have been a submissive in the Femdom/Findom world for years and thought i know it all. There are Findoms out there which made substantial use of me what i enjoyed but could still never find full satisfaction as a submissive slave since my fears and inhibitions held me off so that i could not reach my limits. Fortunately there is Goddess Saffron who i found recently. When i approached Her with my wish to be Her useful submissive slave She invited me into the Slave Ring and i, as curious as i was, took the plunge and became one of Her numbered slaves. This was the best decisions i could have made since the community of slaves and the Control that Goddess has over it gives me a wonderful feeling of finally being home. The interaction within the slave ring with Goddess and my fellow slaves is an incredible stimulus to become an even better slave with every new day. The rewards i receive when obeying Goddess’ royal commands stimulate me and give me the once missed, yet always wanted, feeling of being useful as a slave to the most beautiful and most powerful Domina there is. i adore the way how the save ring is designed and will strive for climbing the ladder of good slaves in order to please Goddess and make Her life even better and Her wealth grow. Being part of this community that strives for making Goddess’ wealth grow is now my destiny. i found my calling.


Goddess Saffron Deserves the World

Goddess Saffron is a beautiful, elegant, creative, talented, highly intelligent and extremely gifted woman. She is really outstanding and The Slave Ring is such a magnificent achievement, to have not only conceived something like this but also made that vision a reality is huge. I admire, adore and worship Goddess Saffron. She is perfect. I want to be owned by Her forever. Thank You for allowing me to serve You my Goddess. I love You with all my heart 💖.


The Slave Ring gives my life purpose

Every day I wake up and the first thing I do is log into The Slave Ring to see what Goddess Saffron has in store for me today. It is truly magical when Goddess blesses me with comments or praise for my participation. I keeping trying to eliminate my ego to gain more privileges. I enjoy the competition between slaves for Slave of the Week and Month. It is amazing that Goddess Saffron has created this system to manage her slaves. She is truly brilliant in addition to being the most beautiful woman on earth. I always appreciate her daily photos.


Broken and reborn

I didn’t believe that someone could hold so much power. But Goddess Saffron is different, she made me want to surrender to her and I couldn’t submit to her will quickly enough. It was truly a thing of beauty, she broke me down into something she could mold into whatever she desires. She is the sunshine in my life. My days are gray and dull without her. With each level of school, i would literally start to shake in anticipation of each new lesson. Her program is perfect to make good slaves. I can not thank Goddess enough for taking me


Slave Testionmal

The Slave ring has affected me by making me more of slave to White Women and reducing my pride
Both Slave ring and school for Slaves has given me a different God Which is Goddess Saffron.
Things that would to say to person who enslaved me are the following.
How do you look so beautiful all the time
I dreamt of you enslaving me in my dreams
I can be descirde as enteral slave
You make me heart feel weak in your presence.
I Worship you daily
You have speared something was worse than my ego my mind


My first day being as slave

Today has been my first time using the slave ring and also enrolling at and honestly, before today I thought female domme wasn’t something I could be taken in by, but with Goddess Saffron its different. I have been thinking about her all day.


I have been changed from the inside out

Because of and I wake up every morning and I am actually eager to serve Goddess Saffron. I honestly feel like I am being changed from the inside out. It is like I am hardwired completely differently than I was before I started this journey in submission to Goddess Saffron.


Honored to be Slave 300

I just started this process and I can’t believe how it’s affected me already. It’s so great to know when I’m done working I still have ways to serve Goddess. I haven’t turned on my Television since this all started. If you’re a slave that has Domme ADD (attention deficit disorder), Goddess Saffron has provided ways to keep you focused on your servitude.

Slave 300

The best therapy of my life

Although i’m not even half way through my training Goddess’s tasks and motivation have already made a significant improvement on my mood, eating habits and determination in life. The Slave Ring is as addicting as it is rewarding with daily tasks and special privileges for those who have served enough. I would absolutely recommend this experience to any other submissive males who lack purpose because not only are you improving yourself you are also supporting the one true Goddess. I am in debt to Goddess for the light she has brought to my life and i don’t feel i’ll ever be able to fully re-pay her (even with a lifetime of worship) for what she has already done for me and all her slaves.


Life Changing

I truly believe that this program has made me a better person by teaching discipline, and Slave Ring made me a much happier man when I listen to Goddess Saffrons orders.


I am the newest slave

It is a pleasure. I am so happy with the Slave Ring. I want to downgrade my male ego..


There can be only One

Even if I am still worthless and under training to become worthy of calling myself a slave of The Divine Goddess Saffron, I must admit I have been swept away by this amazing place to interact with other slaves and most importantly of all to worship our Goddess. The Slave Ring is not only very innovative but also the best place to focus on what is really important here in life – Goddess Saffron. Indeed this is truly a shrine worthy of Her Perfection!



In 2012, it joined Saffron Taylor’s news letter and has been lost ever since.
Joining briefly Her website, it was sternly answered when trying to “make conversation” with Her through the members’ mail.
it realized then and there Who was this Woman, totally embodying the Essence of Being Femme and so Powerfully aware of Who She was!
The Addictiveness Her Power scared the daylights out of it. Feeling such a force, made it purposefully shy away from Her.
What a futile waste of time as once Goddess Saffron has sowed the seed of Her corruption, there is no turning back. its presence here is a testament to Her Power and Addiction. it submits it’s appreciation for Her Creative Power in masterfully deploying Her Art in entrapping and conditioning males object to render them useful slaves in Her army. Goddess has created a virtual world which makes serving Her so real and into our every day lives.


Best thing since Femdom

Thank You, thank You for creating such a wonderful place for Your lowly weak males slaves to dwell whilst serving You my Goddess.  my live is now enriched with an abundance of challenges to serve You and keep you pleased for


Genius site for submissive males

Amazing interactive enslavement for submissive males.  My longing to serve such a supreme Goddess has been fulfilled not only when I first laid eyes on Goddess Saffron, but also on the day I joined the slave ring.  There is no other site to compare to Goddess’ innovation and genius. Thank you my Goddess.


My life has changed completely once i found the Slave Ring

The Slave Ring is the best social media site for slaves of all kinds, the site has completely changed my life for the better. i have found a purpose and a place to belong. The site is helping me to be a better slave and a better person. It has allowed me to focus my life in the best way possible devoting myself to Goddess Saffron. i am greatly honored to be allowed to be a part of the amazing site. You should join the site and be a part of the amazing and beautiful Goddess Saffron’s world



The slave ring is a truly interactive place. Many slaves haves gathered here under the divine rule of the supreme Goddess Saffron. Because there is so much to do it will always leave you begging for more. I especially like to way you gain badges and awards, the more you serve the higher you climb in the slave hierarchy.


The Future of Enslavement

Having mustered up the courage to join the slave ring, it is a decsicion that I will never regret and should have done the moment goddess created the site. Goddess has set many challenges for us weak slaves and I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Her for inventing such a new and refreshing way for slaves to serve, interact and aim for. Also for the great slave community with other like minded submissive males who I now realise I have so much in common with. I particularly like the badging system, slave coin currency, ranking system and the new slave priviledges such as the Temple and masturbation schedule – all amazing inventions by our supreme owner – the one and only Goddess Saffro


Slave Training

After opening my first lesson at and completing Goddess Saffron’s first task I was fulfilled. Worshipping her is really satisfying Patiently await my next task. If only I had found you sooner.