The ultimate one world online community for slaves and submissives males. Slave profiles, groups and live activity feeds. Serve and interact to achieve within the slave ring.


The number one goal of The Slave Ring is to remove male ego. With every act of submission, lower and lower your male ego will fall until you reach the ultimate goal of deleting it.


Achieve badges, rewards and complete missions by undergoing tasks. Slaves are ranked on performance, dedication and low male ego. There is no end to the challenges of the slave ring.

Become another cog in The Slave Ring

The slave ringWelcome to the Slave Ring.  The first and only one of its kind; an interactive slave community and Kingdom where Goddess Saffron rules and males are nothingThe Slave Ring is an interactive work-house for male submissives.  Serve Goddess to earn, achieve and unlock privileges.  With every act of servitude you will slowly chip away more and more of your self identity and male ego.

Are you a submissive male who is ready to lose all male ego and self identity?  Are you ready to become yet another submissive creature under the rule of one Superior Woman? Begin what you have always longed for… to serve a real superior female.  Before registering read how it works.


Goddess Saffron
your Goddess


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