How it works

I am Femdom, Financial Dominatrix and Hypnodomme Goddess Saffron.  Welcome to My ultimate creation – The Slave Ring – the first of its kind in interactive submission, motivation and real slave accomplishments.  

I know your inner slave longs to serve a real Goddess – The Goddess.   Your dream of setting free your inner submission can be fulfilled by joining My army of slaves within The Slave Ring.  There are two ways to earn an invitation code to enter, the first is by enrolling at and completing the beginner slave training course.  The second is to submit a slave application and become accepted as a numbered slave of mine.


“As  Strava is to Athletes and Pokemon Go is to Gamers… The Slave Ring is to Slaves!”.


The slave ring is an interactive carrot dangling Empire for submissive males, coaxing them into My web of control one by one.  As you undergo increasing challenges and accomplishments, you will strive more and more to serve and please Me – your one true Goddess.  You will fulfil personal targets, achieve goals, receive daily slave tasks by email, unlock various slave privileges and most importantly – I will delete your male ego. 

You are not on your own though… because the slave ring houses many like-minded weak submissive males who interact, serve and compete. 

The social aspect of the slave ring includes live activity streams and slave groups.   However, the Slave Ring is much more than an an online slave community –  it is an addictive interactive work house for slaves to serve and achieve.  The serving aspect of the slave ring includes a plethora of accomplishments, contests and unlockable privileges. 

I have so much in store for you.   I know just reading My words makes you more eager than ever before to enter the slave ring and offer your weak self to Me right now.


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