Slave Ring Help

The Slave Ring was created by Femdom, Financial Dominatrix and Hypnodomme Goddess Saffron. The goal of the slave ring is to reduce your male ego. With every act submission or servitude you will earn achievements. With every achievement you will earn points. The more points you earn, the lower your male ego will fall. The lower your ego falls, the more Privileges you will unlock. Read more about how it works.
The rules of the Slave Ring can be read here and must be adhered to at all times.
Removing your Male Ego is your number one goal within the Slave Ring. Learn more about the importance of lowering your male ego and how it is done.
Badges can be claimed when you tribute, buy clips, send gift vouchers, apply to be a numbered slave, and graduate from courses at Every badge earned awards points. The more points you earn, the lower your male ego will fall - which is of course, is your number one goal in the slave ring.
Rewards are automatically earned when you have collected a certain amount of badges. Earning awards earns even more points which go towards your goal of reducing your male ego.
Accomplishing a Slave mission is the ultimate way of dramatically reducing your male ego. Slave Missions are awarded automatically when you have achieved certain steps.
To submit a request for a specific achievement (tribute badge, clip buying badge etc), you will submit a submission with proof of your servitude.  your submissions will show as pending until Goddess approves or denies them. To view the status of your submissions, visit your dashboard and click the link submissions. If you have a denied submission, click the comments below it for the reason why I denied it. Then resubmit it again with the information I requested.
There are two slave contests within the slave ring - the slave of the week contest and the slave of the month contest. Winners are based on slaves who earn the highest amount of points within a week or month. Winning a contest earns even more points, which contributes towards your goal of reducing your male ego.
The lower your male ego falls, the more Privileges you will be able to unlock and access. New privileges are always being added by Goddess.
By default, every member of the slave ring is part of the Slave Ringers group.

Private Groups
Other private groups such as Numbered Slaves, Beginner Slaves and Intermediate Slaves require the use of a password to join them. Passwords are given, when a slave meets the criteria to join a specific private group. DO NOT manually request membership to a private group if you have not earned the password to join it. All manual requests will be ignored.

How to Join a Private Group
Click on Community, Groups, then click the title of the group you have earned access to.  There you will see a field to enter the join password.  Once you successfully join, you will also earn a related badge and points.

All members of the slave ring can befriend each other, however Goddess will only accept friend requests from slaves who have earned slave points by way of serving.
One of your tasks as a slave within is to bring as many new slaves to My service as possible. I want each little soldier within My army to go out and promote the slave ring on social media and places where potential slaves lurk. Simply promote the slave ring using your unique referral link which can be found at the and on your profile.  With every new slave referral, you will earn 5 points which contributes towards reducing your male ego. Visit for promotional banners and video.

Registration and Login Help

Check your spam folder to make sure your activation email has not gone there by mistake, then make sure to add our email to your safe senders and contacts list. This will prevent important emails from the slave ring going into your spam folder.
Visit the login page and click 'Lost your password'. Enter your username or email address to retreive your login details.
Have you been absent from the slave ring for some time? If so, your account may have been deleted by Goddess due to lack of servitude or inactivity. Note that in Sept 2017, there was an unfortunate server crash which lost a lot of users within the slave ring. If your account no longer exists, register again and begin serving within this, the new and imporved slave ring.